What are the new protoss units?

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Protoss Units/Abilities Starcraft 2



  • Ability1
  • Ability2
  • Ect ...


Protoss building unit


Basic Protoss infantry

Built from Gateway/Warp Gate.

  • Charge (Zealots will dash into their enemies when they got close to them)
  • Researched at Twilight Counsel.


Walker attack unit,

Requires Cybernetics Core, Built from Gateway/Warp Gate.

  • Blink (Allows the stalker to warp anywhere in it's sight range)
  • Researched at Twilight Counsel.


Walker attack unit.

Requires Twilight Counsel, Built from Gateway/Warp Gate.

  • Hardened Shield (Increases Shield. Lowers single powerful attacks by 10 until shield is depleted)
  • Researched at Twilight Counsel

Stasis Orb

Ground support unit.

  • Can slow enemy movement and fire rate. Requires Cybernetics Core, Built from Gateway/Warp Gate.

High Templar

Ground spellcaster.

Requires Templar Archive, Built from Gateway/Warp Gate

  • Psi Storm (Lighting Strom AOE Spell. Units in the storm take damage)
  • Researched at Templar Archives

Twilight Archon

Ground attack unit.

Formed by merging two Dark Templar, two High Templar, or a High and Dark Templar.

Can drain enemy energy reserves.

  • ???
  • Drains enemy energy
  • Researched at ??? (Templar Archives?)

Phase Prism

Flying support unit.

Can deploy to create a power field. Acts as a Dropship. Built from Robotics Facility.

  • Gravitic Drive: (Increases Phase Prism movement speed)
  • Researched at ??? (Null Circuit?)


Detector Unit.

Requires Null Circuit, Built from Robotics Facility.

  • Always cloaked.
  • Gravitic Booster:
  • Increases Observer movement speed.


Huge walker attack unit.

  • Can step over cliffs.
  • Has a beam weapon that continues firing until all targets are gone.
  • Can be attacked by Air/Ground-to-Air weapons, due to it's height.
  • Cannot be put into transport.

Requires Robotics Support Bay, Built from Robotics Facility.


Flying attack unit.

Built from Stargate.

  • Anti-Air
  • Overload (Lasers erupt and bombard nearby targets. Casting disables unit for a few seconds)
  • Researched at ??? (Fleet Beacon?)
  • Gravitic Thrusters (Increases Phoenix movement speed) *Researched at ??? (Fleet Beacon?)
  • Apail Sensors (Increases sight range of the Phoenix)
  • Researched at ??? (Fleet Beacon?)

Warp Ray

Flying attack unit

Front made up of a cone of panels. The panels open like a bud, and it fires a continuous laser. The more it fires on one target, the more damage it does.

Built from Stargate


Capital Ship.

Has a shield that activates when hit by ground-based attacks, Attacks by launching Interceptors.

Requires Fleet Beacon, Built from Stargate.

  • Interceptor
  • Builds one interceptor.
  • Maximum of ??? (8?) interceptors.

  • Basic unit ability.

  • (Shield?)
  • (Creates a shield that repels ground attacks until it's depleted?)
  • Researched at ??? (Fleet Beacon?).


Flying attack/support unit. Can only attack ground. (lasers at multiple targets) Can build more than 1, at this time.

Requires Fleet Beacon, Built from Stargate.

  • Planet Cracker (One large sustained laser under the Mothership, damaging ground units)
  • Can move while active.
  • Researched from ??? (Fleet Beacon?)
  • (Cloak Field?)
  • (Cloaks the Mothership?) becoming invisible to all enemy units, except detector units.
  • (Cloaks units around the Mothership??), becoming invisible to all enemy units, except detector units.

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very informative!

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