How do I stop a Protoss void ray rush?

The void ray rush is very fast and powerful. How do I stop it when it attacks?

I play random so I'd like to know tricks for each race. It seems like even when I properly scout the rush I still cannot beat it.

asked 07 Aug '10, 13:26

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If you want to protect your base against them, they seem very weak to cannons and missle turrets, 1 missle turret can typically take out 1 void ray 1v1, so be sure to put out some defense cannons and that should help take them down quick. If your terran, put some marines near the turrets as well and they seem to burn down the void rays as well i'm not sure what zerg has for defense cannons or anything, although one little trick i picked up was , get one of the zerg floating supply depo's, send it JUST outside of the enemy base so you can always see what they are doing, most of the time they won't even notice if you just keep him still and just on the outside.
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answered 03 Sep '10, 13:11

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If you notice they are going void ray, I typically go hard ground and attempt to harass their base as fast as possible.
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answered 08 Aug '10, 09:49

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