Ok so basically this is what i have seen as of now is, if a fast-tech Vray rush fails and the guy is going MMM even if you make a decent composition army of some zealots and majority stalkers it seems simply impossible to take down an MMM ball. And Terran doesn't even need to lose units to bust into my base because siege tanks are ridiculously imbalanced and in siege mode OWN toss turrets by having way too much damage and almost double the range. Thus they have the option of either just beating or mineral starving me by hunkering down some tanks outside my base. Suggestions PLEASE.

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First, don't rush void rays

Yes, I agree the ball of marines is difficult to stop if you rush void rays... so don't rush voids... get them naturally during end game.

The following units counter Mass Marine Ball:

  • Colossus (With stalkers)
  • Dark Templar (DTs)
  • High Templar (Psi Storm)
  • Sentry (Shield your Zealots and Stalkers, block ramp with the wall)

If I scout and notice a marine ball, I try to go colossus. High Templar Psi storm used to destroy marines in starcraft 1, I'm not sure if that is still the case in sc2. Upgraded colossus should be able to protect your base from siege tanks.

I know Dark Templar can one shot marines, 4 of them could destroy a huge ball of marines. Just be ready to run them away when the com-stat scan goes off. DT's are also great against tanks!

When I expo to a new location I make sure I have 1000ish minerals. I drop the nexus and 3 pylons close to the nexus. When the pylons appear I drop 3 or 4 cannons. At this expo I drop a few building for making units, just in case my main dies. Protoss should never starve for minerals. The new warp prism dropship holds lots of probes and you can get it early game and fly to an island off the main land.


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Thanks, i find colossus' are REALLY hard to keep alive though they do counter AWSOMELY. Ill work on keeping them alive

(18 Sep '10, 20:04) Jias333 Jias333's gravatar image

High Templars with Psy storm can burn through marines quickly, and make sure your stalkers go after those medics. and Just be ready to mass produce those stalkers

(19 Sep '10, 09:16) Brambo23 Brambo23's gravatar image

Also colossus are very hard to keep up, use zealots and stalkers as a meatshield between the M's and the Colossus

(19 Sep '10, 20:28) Brambo23 Brambo23's gravatar image
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